i believe strongly in the need to be authentic.
to allow ourselves our voices.
to shed guilt for self nurturing.
to tell it how it is.
to be validated and to expect that validation.
and to face our shadows.

A nomadic, bohemian, nature mystic. 
Organic learning with my little pixie.

I was born in South America descending from Spanish and Italian ancestors. Raised in Australia, I still carry the laid back and raw Aussie attitude. At 24 I jumped on a plane and headed for the UK. I spent my married life in England, and, having an innately dry sense of humour, it suited me well.
Never a creature to succumb to social norms, I convinced my husband to leave the rat race for a seaside town somewhere across the waters. Two days before we set off on the drive across Europe, I discovered that I was pregnant.
After 5 tumultuous years in a tiny village, up a mountain, in the Balkans, I started to consider my girl's needs.

I desired to homeschool but over time, discovering who she was as an individual and my needs as a mother and woman, I accepted and finally embraced that she needed school. But it would never be conventional school. I finally came to Steiner (Waldorf) schools.
This all meant moving back to the UK.

Now the two of us live in beautiful Devon, nestled between a national forest and the seaside.

After a year and one term in her gorgeous Steiner school, I finally admitted it wasn't for her. Oh, she enjoyed it, but academically she was miles ahead of the Steiner developmental teaching philosophy. She wouldn't learn reading, for example, for another year, whereas at age 5 she could already read for age 8!

She, like her mama, has an insatiable desire to learn, and I got tired of saying no. No, because it didn't fit into the Steiner time-frame. I mean, what would she do next year? She will be bored!

And we have changed. She is older and can do much more play on her own. And I am passed that crazy first 3 years where it was essential for me to have that school-time space. She is at 'formal' learning age, and I adore teaching. We enjoy each other, we like being at home, we are both super independent.

So home educating it is! My intial hope for us!
(or homeschooling for my American friends)
To be clear, I am not pro home education. I am pro choice.

After making the decision together she said to later one night,
"I love how you let me be whatever I want. I appreciate that"

Wow. Knock me down.


I lead a conscious, mindful & creative life. I talk about authentic living, intuitive parenting, cooking, child issues, creativity, learning, books, books, books, our mystical selves, & treading lightly on the earth.

think philosophically
create emotionally
love passionately
read voraciously
feel deeply
cook spontaneously
learn constantly
live mindfully

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I'm an intuitive astrologer, artist, reflexologist, writer, and have a degree in Educational Psychology.

Take me too seriously at your own risk.

"There are no facts, only interpretations."