Friday, March 6

Joan of Arc

I think that the first mention of Joan of Arc was within one of her Middle Ages books 2 or 3 weeks back. Which, as any female knight would, led to discussion.

We watched this youtube video - warrior women.
A couple of scenes I muted and covered her eyes, but otherwise it wasn't too bad. Although it does of course involve war, battles, and an inquisition.

Avoid Being Joan of Arc!
Joan of Arc, Stanley

Then off adventuring!

Made her own sword and banner, had the shield from a couple of weeks back, and apparently yesterday's leopard mask was essential.

She's ready to defend her castle, but knows that cleverness and compassion are also weapons of peace! Love it.

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  1. I just love the idea of she as a warrior, it's important for our girls to start leaving that defenseless, incapable and powerless princess archetype that this patriarchal society has imposed.

    Happy weekend!

    Lluisa xoxo


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