Thursday, March 19


I haven't updated in a little while, for a few reasons but namely, for this blog's records, that Miss6 was ill. Some unknown stomach thing. She's all recovered and back to her bouncy self.

We had lots of days indoors healing, then out for a walk to a neighboring town that has an old ruin of a motte and bailey. Tying in wonderfully with her studies on the Middle Ages. Although just a set of ruined walls, she thought it was brilliant, and knew that the stones she touched and sat upon had been touched by real knights!

Once a month we have Art at the Museum. A museum person there offered the home educated community a free session. Sometimes it's very arty and other times it's walks around the museum and looking closer at artifacts.This was our first time and we tried drawing challenges, such as using our non-dominant hand, using two pens at once, and ended with charcoal fun. We used stuffed birds as our models.

We took a quick trip to the library with her friend B and they registered and picked up their passports to the Children's University. A fabulous scheme nationwide in the UK. It's for every child, and it's to recognize outside-of-school learning.

It is of course especially brilliant for home educated children. Many of those visits, workshops, learning sessions, and events we attend (if accredited by the CU) get to be noted. They receive 'stamps' in their passport according to the number of hours of each activity. Over time these add up for certificates and eventually a degree, which involves an actual graduation ceremony.


  1. I have been thinking about you, glad to hear all is well. Enjoy your weekend. xo

  2. So glad to hear you are all ok, have missed your lovely posts ;). The Children's University there seems to be a bit of dearth of places where I live sadly :(

  3. Sounds like a good life! Love reading about the home education adventures - haven't ruled it out although school is good for now, and more importantly, what she wants.


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