Wednesday, February 11


If we haven't mentioned Wilbur properly for a while, well, that's our mistake. Wilbur is in her top 3 essential Beings (the other two being Mama and Cookie/Snowball - the cat and hamster apparently come as a pet bundle).

You wouldn't believe this is Winter light!

shark + shark book

Wilbs is her bed buddy, but also generally hangs about the room, reading books with her.

Said during and after photo shoot...

"I wonder how all these words were invented. From grunts to billions of words."

"I hope we live in this apartment forever."

"I love Wilbur so much mama."

"May I have some buttered bread?"


Unfortunately, our aquarium annual pass has run out. A few weeks back though, we stopped into a pet shop in Plymouth. A shop assistant could see how much Miss6 was interested in the fish and could over-hear her various questions. Miss6 went up to her to enquire something about the fish and they struck up a friendly conversation. The young girl let Miss6 touch fish that nibbled one's fingers. What a treat! She encouraged us to return on Wednesdays, when apparently the most fish were in store.

I told the girl about Miss6's interest in work experience at the aquarium when she's older, and mentioned that she was home-educated. The girl responded, "Ah, that's why she's so articulate and responsive." What a lovely thing to say.


  1. Oh goodness, she and my little man would get along so well...he walks around with his hammerhead shark :) Beautiful photos and that light, just gorgeous!

    Love your story about the pet shop :)

    1. oh Miss6 is thrilled knowing that!

  2. A shark very similar to that has just joined our home :). Love the light in your pictures and the pet shop story!

    1. Miss6 wants to know if you have pictures lol


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