Monday, February 23


Well it was a little too much last week and I'm looking forward to a better balanced one this week. Miss6 was needing cuddles just that bit extra by Friday night, and by Saturday afternoon she mostly wanted only to sit and read.

Saturday morning we had gone to our local library. A young person from the town (age around 14) comes to hold the group which I thought was great. He read to them some of Hansel and Gretel, they then attempted to build Lego gingerbread houses. Most children took turns reading out loud a little. Her best friend came along so the two mamas chatted and (obsessively) tried a large jigsaw puzzle while they were busy. Miss6 helped a little, but the library closed before we could finish

you can see how bright the sun was that day

Sunday was lovely and quiet - film, hot chocolate, books, cuddles, mama managing to get the first bit of work done all week. She asked to know more about Joan of Arc, but I put it off over the weekend so she could just relax.

After an unhurried start to our day, we'll be off to Monday Club.


  1. Sounds like a lovely relaxing weekend after a busy week. I hope this one is a little more restful :)

  2. It is funny how sometimes the busy can sneak in, even when we don't intend it too. Happy to hear you were able to slow down the weekend, and hope your week is slow and simple too.


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