Monday, February 16


As part of our Medieval studies, I bought her National Geographic Kids Everything Castles. We are big fans of these books in general. This one didn't disappoint.

Included was an explanation of shields and the meaning of some symbols and colours, as well as an activity encouraging you to make your own. She was started before I had even realised. Using the packaging that the book had come in - that's my recycling girl! haha

stripe = defence
red = warrior
tridents = master mistress of the sea

She's off on adventures with her dragons and shark.

I had a lapbook template saved for later, including a 'design your own shield' part but doing it off her own initiate is even better. I'll probably still print out the other elements, like labelling a knight and so on.

Almost a year ago she watched Jane and the Dragon, and I found the books too. After all this 'work' and role-play, I let her watch a new episode that evening.


  1. She is so cute, an adventurer girl, lovely :)

    Lluisa xoxo

  2. Cool! We did a Castle project a few years ago we had great fun and learnt so much. You can read about it if you click on the Home Ed button in my banner ;)


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