Thursday, January 8

Orion and stars

Someone posted the class on a HE Uk group. It started Jan5th, but as it was only the 7th it was no problem catching up. Miss 6 enjoyed it so much she wanted to keep going but I needed a break. It's a free online 4 week class.

I don't believe that it's written for children, but it's very easy. The articles are short and videos are always helpful. I'm learning a thing or two myself.

One activity was to create your own constellation from a group of stars already in our skies (that are not constellated) and a short legend to go with it. They have a Flickr group and she was particularly keen that it was shared and visitors could see her work just like we read those of others.

Colinus the Toad
Colinus the Toad helped Artemis when she was hunting. One day she was hunting scorpions and since Colinus was by her side, he got accidentally stung. Artemis asked the gods to put him in the night sky.

Reading the articles, it transpired that she already knew the basic concept of what an angle is, and knew the meaning of 'navigation'. From a solar system book of hers, she recognised when ursa major was shown as 'the bear'.

We finished the whole week's work in a few hours!
And she got 4.5/5 on the quiz (needed a little nudge on one).

Orion never appears in the night sky at the same time as which of these constellations?
Which constellation helps you find the Pole Star in the Northern Hemisphere? (nudge, almost chose Orion)
What is the name of the galaxy in which our Sun is situated?
Which of these stars is in the Orion constellation? Betelgeuse
Through which European capital city does the prime meridian (0 degrees longitude) pass?

From their pages:

Summary of Week 1

You started your journey through the night sky taking Orion as a guide.

In this first week, you have learned to recognise Orion in the night sky, learned the names of the main stars in the constellation, how to recognise different constellations and how to use some of them to help you navigate.

You have heard about the Gaia mission which plans to produce a map of the billions of stars in our Galaxy.

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