Thursday, December 18

Nov-Dec Reads

Her recent reads. I can't keep up with her. My Amazon account helps me keep track but the numerous library borrows have got me beat.

Before even porridge has touched her tummy.

Humphrey the hamster and his classroom exploits (it's a series) are a big favourite.

The Animal Rescue Club

The Wump World, Bill Peet (an environmental message)

Nate the Great Goes Undercover, Marjorie Weinman Sharmat

Always happy to find a series of chapter books suitable for her. These complement the Cam Jansen ones she enjoys.

Other than Humphrey, the other big favourite is Thea Stilton books. Yay for chapter books, ones that feature girls as main characters, and a couple with marine topics! Win on all counts.

Thea Stilton and the Ghost of the Shipwreck, Thea Stilton

Friday, December 5

Poems and Inconvenient Evolution

1st Dec
She had been reading a version of Alice in Wonderland and she brought to me a page with a poem that we read out together. The book kindly reminded the reader that it was merely an excerpt. So we looked up the entire poem. The walrus and carpenter and other poems.
Plus listened to jabberwocky

3rd Dec

Miss6 in her bedroom, in the afternoon.
me (in front room) - Sweetheart! what are you doing?
her - Trying to sleep.
me - why?
her - So that my eyes turn to like cat's eyes.
me - why would they do that?
her - So I'm nocturnal.
me - It doesn't work like that.
her - What!? (coming our from room)
me - It takes thousands even millions of years.
her - I wish evolution happened in 1 hr.

Monday, December 1

Xmas street party

Nov 28th - Attended our village's Christmas street party. She loved watching the lights go on. Although the bubble machine floating bubbles down the street was probably the biggest thrill of the night. We pottered around the crafty market and she found a friend to run around with for a bit. We finished up with a train ride up and down the main street.

29th - Worked through Alice in Numberland, shapes, differences.

Miss 6 made a Maleficient's daughter doll, from an existing doll and black paper, with foil wings.