Tuesday, September 30

Mr Shakespeare

I hadn't planned on starting Shakespeare so early. The lack of resources for younger children didn't help. It seems the bard is introduced in schools no earlier than age 11. While most of his stories are too mature in content for little ears, there are a few that could be shared with the younger generations.

My own 6.5 year-old really enjoyed her first Shakespeare - A Midsummer Night's Dream.

Like many topics we end up learning about, we stumbled unto Shakespeare haphazardly. She read some quotes on the back of a smoothie packet for one.

I finally found Mr William Shakespeare's Plays by Marcia Williams.

Set out with a simple rendition of the story, a smattering of the actual play's dialogue, and surrounded by spectators to reinforce the fact that they were/are plays to be experienced as an audience. The illustrations are lovely and the audience's feedback is amusing for children.

I also found her an Usborne version. It always helps to read or see a story over different versions or media. I haven't found an animation I like yet - that would be fab. I found a few but the first is a little dark and serious for her age. We watched the short and sweet BBC tale.

animated tales
BBC stories

Although the story centres around two couples in love with the wrong people, children pick up on the mischief of the puck and the general mayhem.

She wanted to read further from the first book but I don't think the rest are quite interesting enough for her age. We did try The Tempest and I was right - didn't intrigue her half as much. We might leave it another year before introducing more, but she now has a foundation.

One day out of the blue she asked me to 'annoy' her. When I performed the mock annoyance she exclaimed...
"I charge thee, hence, and do not haunt me thus"

Funny kid.

Friday, September 26

Autumn Equinox

Leaves, leaves, leaves...

There were walks in quiet woods, sticks poked in rivers, a thankful tree created together, and fallen leaves strung as a garland.

Books were read, her dreadlocks continued (started on the 13th), and songs sung. My favourite time of year was marked with my little wild child.

Monday, September 1

Queen Vic

Although we haven't done any specific study on Queen Victoria, Miss 6 has read plenty about her in the books we've borrowed. I hadn't realised the queen would capture her interest.

She has these two small kitten soft toys, one black and white and one brown. She created a game where one was Queen Victoria and the other Prince Albert! Hilarious. And she explained to me that the black was, "widow's black because she grieved for 40 years", and the white paws represented the white funeral the Queen ordered for herself.

She wanted to mess about with her markers one night and drew the Queen herself, white cap, and the long black part is a corset apparently.

We watched the first 2 parts of The 1900 House - a family is chosen to live as Victorians would have lived.

Grabbed two more library books for her, which she enjoyed.

Victorian Britain
History Snapshots: The Victorians

We listened about 12 year-old Martha's days as a maid.

Thoroughly enjoyed Timewatch: Young Victoria. I had to mute a few bits that weren't age appropriate but otherwise it was very good. After I asked for a break around halfway, I had a hovering 6 year-old that had me giving in and watching it to the end.

After that we got this;

and then off she dove into her dress-up box to play being the queen herself.