Monday, June 23

Solstice quiet

Unlike the more introspective Winter Solstice, the Summer one is generally more gregarious in nature. And yet, this year it was a quiet one around here. Too much going on, I am at a crossroads.

She read The Summer Solstice, Ellen Jackson.

I read to her a story from Circle Round which I found was a terribly lazy attempt at finding a solstice-related fable. We chatted about the meaning of the day.

Finally, and as we are not morning people, we watched the sun set, well mostly.

A little late remembering, the next day I printed out Pooka pages for her.

Monday, June 9

Mermaid's Purse

Neighbour brought her hone a mermaid's purse and asked her if she could identify it for him. He explained that we had to soak it first. This brings it back to it's full size for more accurate measuring.

Using sharktrust website and their clear identification guide, we finally narrowed it down to a Blonde Ray egg case.


"Learning about clouds" - she requested when I asked what topic she wanted to do. I had already had this in mind some weeks ago, and she had mentioned them previously too, and so I had a book and resource ready to go.

I printed a cloud viewer while she ate her porridge.

Cloud Identification tool from this blog.

After her breakfast she wanted to get started (well after a bounce on her trampoline, and cuddles). We started with a fun (and free!) e-book designed for slightly younger children (and thereby a nice and easy introduction). To save on ink and paper I decided to read it together from the pdf, as we have the viewer and the other book anyway.

She decided that the altocumulus were like that because fairies had been playing tag amongst the clouds and therefore broke them up into pieces. And of course, in this house, cirrus clouds are always dragon's smoke.

Then we searched for card, and cut and glued the viewer, we didn't bother with the holding sticks.

One of our favourite authors has a cloud book! She's reading it as I write this up.

The Cloud Book, Tomie dePaola (UK, USA)

It's a gloriously sunny day so we'll be headed out there soon, with our viewer.... or perhaps we'll just lay in the grass and spot shapes like we normally do.

Monday, June 2


Miss6 has decided she doesn't want to do the Magic School Bus worksheets any more. Although she's happy to continue with the episodes.

She said she wants to learn eeeverything about sharks... and some related topics. She told me that I can give her anything about oceans.

So I've been busy trawling the Internet for everything Shark. Although I have done this anyway, now it's with a more focused and even more 'taking her seriously' attitude - she really loves them.

Although there are actually quite a bit of sharky themed lessons and ideas, it tends to be geared towards a younger set and is generally light in flavour - crafts and mini lapbooks. She's way passed all that.

My best find was Jonathan Bird's documentaries... or excerpts anyway.

Also found some worksheets - shark word search, shark true/false, that sort of thing. I have the feeling that I'll need to create this type of work myself... possibly taking templates from other resources and creating my own questions.

Her best find was discovering that our right-next-door neighbour is a marine biologist! She read it on his work t-shirt, I hadn't even noticed. It took no time for the shark passion to be shared and he's promised her posters and bits and pieces from work.

I know that she's still interested in several other topics though - reptiles especially snakes and lizards, human body, earth sciences.


Yesterday was the Dartington Food Fair. Miss6 tried shortbread, fudge, hibiscus tea, dark chocolate sea-salt caramel confectionery, and got her own hand-made pizza. And there was a pony ride too.