Friday, April 11


Some reading eggspress after a break, checking in on her Farm, a couple of addition pages, discovering if giraffes makes noises, or if sharks do, some yoga...

Then, today we started measurement, length.

From Head to Toe is a fun maths book, using the body. (UK, USA) It's part of a 'I Love Maths' series of books.

By 'fun' I mean that they include activities, games, puzzles, and practical applications, and not just dry formulae. Other 'fun' books I've come across throw in bright colours, reward stars, and silly cartoons. Instead, this series is about maths all around us.So today we've started with non-standard measurement. Before even looking at a ruler and units of measurements, it's nice to first understand the idea of measuring.

Pre-K is usually about learning short, long, shorter, longer. The Best Bug Parade, Stuart Murphy, is one I remember from her toddler years.

Now she can create measuring devices. In this case, her body parts. She eventually measured the rug using her foot length strip, and the length of her laptop with her wrist strip.

Other resources:
Sid the Science Kid| Exploring Measurement
teacherspayteachers | free measurement worksheets

Wednesday, April 9

Magic School Bus + Germs

I wish there was a more up-to-date, non-school, British version of The Magic School Bus. haha But it's a nice series for Science.

Miss 5 watched two episodes (Inside Ralphie and Make a Stink). This led to a related worksheet after watching each one, and more germ discussions and resources. She looked at germs months ago but they remain an interest. She has asked for books on allergies and asthma too.

As it's a popular series, you can find many resources to support the episodes. I used 2 from starmaterials.

The immune system
Germs youtube
Crawford sneezer pleaser
Crawford washing hands
The Science Guy

Tuesday, April 1

Habitats + graphs

We did our first worksheets in over a week yesterday. Carrying on our habitats theme.

She's been watching Life of Mammals which she really enjoys. Discovering a new favourite animal to add to her favourites list - the pygmy marmoset. Unfortunately not a whole lot to be found on them.

She asked for one of these cuties as her desktop wallpaper (when did I mention such a thing?).

This week she started Planet Earth, especially fitting as it looks at animals by habitat. These are both wonderful documentaries.

There was a habitats graph to do in our workbook, so I told her about graph basics and bar graphs specifically. Then found some printables to practice filling them out. Did a few yesterday and she'll do the rest throughout the week.


She told her father last week that she wanted to be a marine biologist. I hadn't realised how primary this interest had become. Yesterday we discovered together her future career. Now she'll tell you the difference between a marine biologist and a marine zoologist. The latter being her choice.

So if you ask her, 'what do you want to be when you grow up?', she'll answer - an ichthyologist.