Tuesday, November 25

re-loving maths + fractions

I made a big educational mistake some months ago. She had been interested in numbers and was beginning to add the simplest ones. Although I had put her off learning maths initially, because of the abstract nature of it, for some reason I brought out maths workbooks. It was one of those 'fun' ones but still a maths book. She was doing rows of addition and subtraction. And fun pictures can't detract from the inherent dullness of rows of maths problems. I really don't know what I was thinking.

What happened was that I did what schools do - turned my child off maths!

So, I did damage control. Put away all maths books/websites. Months passed. Later whenever maths in real life came up, I reminded her how fun, useful, and fascinating it was. I also admitted to her that I had made that mistake. That it was my fault not maths fault it had seemed dull to her.

One day she pointed out to me that there was maths involved in something, in a 'see how fun it is!' sort of way.

Bingo. It finally got through and I promised her we were going to do fun maths one day.

Today I brought out Alice in Numberland and it was fun indeed. They are engaging for children, I only wish these books were more in-depth. They only touch on the topics. However, it's enough to do a little exploration and learning, and most importantly, to get them interested and see maths as fun.

Today we started the story and then covered the fractions. This included drawing up cakes on paper and cutting them into equal pieces. Then we played around with how many quarters fit into a whole, or into a half and so on. We finished with a cake party with stuffed toy guests.

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