Monday, February 4


Time I injected some words into this space.

The Pixie has come through a rough patch at school and all the children in her class seem to have found their groove. I hear certain names mentioned, about what they did, what they played. She has released anxieties. In her case, especially evident in not feeling she has to help, or monitor everything. When I asked her whether she served the snack recently, she shrugged and said - "I just want to eat."

Her reading is extraordinary. As she was growing out of picture books and the local library is small, I picked up some 'early reader' type books. Not for her to read, simply for their content. She ended up reading them on her own. Not only reads the words, but includes appropriate intonation on the second read through, and has full comprehension. We do no reading teaching at all, other than when she asks what a word is, I tell her. I believe she's reading fluently at age 6-7 (she's 4 3/4).

Just shows that you can't stop children learning when the desire is there! No need to shove it down their throats.
Her Steiner teacher is aware and is untroubled. In fact, she was impressed. I am glad we attend a more relaxed Steiner school. They certainly have their education principles, but they're flexible.

yoga - giant body book

She was insistent I teach her maths and so we have gone through the two hands and adding. She seemed satisfied with that. (I mean, leave something for Class 1!).

She is interested in the human body as much as ever. I gave her a human body 'toy' for Xmas, that she can dismember the rubbery organs, and she loves it.

Her current favourite book is Germs. Yep, still a body/health theme.... that's my Virgo Moon girl!

We're moving to a new apartment end of Feb. Going from 5mins to 20mins school run. Not ideal, but a very easy drive. And the place is situated right on the edge of Dartmoor and woodland walks, walking distance to library, swimming pool, and shops. As well as 20 mins from major city (museum, art galleries).

So much has occurred, for me, emotionally, in recent weeks, that I know this move mirrors and supports a brighter future.