Friday, December 6

oh the things...

Mother Earth and her baby, my first big needle-felted toy

  • That dragons fly above the clouds to keep out of sight of humans.
  • Leaves lose their green as sap dries up.
  • Every combination of addition that can be done on two hands. (self-directed -discovered)
  • The meaning of the Winter Solstice.
  • Bats can eat 3000 bugs a night each.
  • Created plays with her magnetic theatre. Performed for me and our neighbour.
  • Made tissue-paper 'solstice' stars.
  • Decorated her mini Solstice tree.
  • Mama made felty things, including a Mother Earth (finally!)
  • Composing her own songs more and more (often in the loo!).. and performing on her return.


"Mama, I've grown really fond of you"

"I love how you let me be whatever I want. I appreciate that"


The Snow Children, Sibylle Von Olfers
(so popular but I find them dull. She loved the idea of the little snow children, so I worked with that wonder)
Sun Bread, Elisa Kleven
(nothing special, but makes a good support for the tradition of making the bread and even getting outside to throw up the crumbs as offerings)
I Wonder Why Trees Have Leaves
(we're getting more of the series. nice encyclopaedia-style books. yet short and very visual, aimed at 4-8 yrs)
Worst Witch audio book
(a little advanced for her age and I wasn't keen on it, but she has heard it 4 times)

The Great British Year, Spring, documentary


  1. Love the doll!, the colours are just gorgeous! I am in doll-making mode too, haven't made any needle felted ones yet, but this is very inspiring!

    1. ah thanks Emily. glad it inspires. i had wanted to make a mother earth for so long but had over-complicated it. i found a basic felt doll idea and went from there. my girl loves it and that's all that matters. ;)

  2. love your needle felting project, and your more regular posting~ I've got a nearly 4 years old daughter who is also hungry to learn. She's home with me now and we loosely homeschool, though for now it is more that materials are here when she wants them but I see her most important job as playing and exploring. Still, she's started reading simple books and writing out simple words, and I walk the line between encouraging and not-exactly-discouraging very carefully. I look forward to reading more about how you approach schooling your daughter!

    1. good to see you! i've been away so long. but feeling motivated again :)


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