Tuesday, September 18

we're on our way

We're off in about 2 weeks!

We had a rushed 3 days in East Devon, with some fun time on the last. Made my week to see Miss 4 frolic in a nippy but sunny beach.

We managed (after a heart-stopping amount of hassle due to us not being resident here the last 5 years) to secure a closet, sorry, cottage, for a 6-month Winter let. Not by any stretch of the imagination ideal regards to size, cost, or tenancy duration! But it's a way to get a foot in down there.

It is however conveniently part-furnished, nice atmosphere, not a dump (you should have seen some we viewed), lovely quiet village, apparently a couple of neighbouring children her age, in a safe and quiet cul-de-sac, and most importantly, it's 5 minutes from the Steiner school. The slightly cheaper Paignton properties are just too far, to travel 4 times a day when she'll be finishing at 12pm, you know?

If I stand in the middle of the kitchen, stretch out my arms,
then stretch to one side then the next, I can touch both opposite walls.

I'm excited to get our life restarted again, after this limbo at the in-laws. I'm excited to regain privacy, my own nest (albeit temporary), be in my favourite part of England, discover a new community, and more.

In the interest of keeping-it-real, there is a ton of stress and bleak moments around. Not the logistics of moving, we're veterans at that, mostly financial as we'll be living tighter than we ever have. But, as I like to remind the glass-is-half-empty OH, it's temporary.