Tuesday, August 21


She's doing fab sleeping in her own bed.
Her two favourite words are currently: monumental and indeed.
She's been loving signs for a while now - especially danger signs. We just drew some together and she's busy sticking them up around the house as I type.
Pushing the limits recently. Our first 'fight' yesterday in the longest time - there's respecting her wishes and then there's a limit to how much opposition for the sake of opposition a tired mama can take! Today there is peace.

Friday, August 17


Since we've been at the in-laws, I weaned her off TV. It had become a habit started when she wouldn't eat solids as a way to distract her, and it worked. The habit became cartoons during breakfast and lunch. And when it was just me and her all day long, it was a necessary breather for me. I wasn't concerned with the amount, although some days slipped into more than ideal, but I was always mindful. I also carefully chose what she watched.

Now she has more distractions including play time with grandma, as well as more places to visit. We began eating in the kitchen, having lunch together as often as possible. She transitioned really quickly, to my surprise, and has only rarely asked to watch something.

Yesterday was the first time she watched a DVD. We negotiated together for 30mins. She had been asking the last few days, and I successfully distracted her, but thought it best not to let it become an issue.

We're off soon to our favourite place - the library.

The current favouritist read (that mama enjoys as well):

The Incredible Book-Eating Boy
Oliver Jeffers

Monday, August 13

her own bed

Monday 30th, Miss 4 decided, quite seemingly randomly, that she will sleep in her own bed. I thought that it could either be a disaster (for me), which is what happened about a month ago when I suggested it and we gave it a shot.... or it could be one of those times when she decides something and just does it. Obviously she was ready, because it went beautifully.

Second night, after less than a minute with the light out and her head down she said - 'mama, it's ok if children change their mind'. Apparently, pony (a new toy) told her she didn't want to sleep in her own bed. Something put her off.

The good thing about that, was that it established quite clearly what I needed. Of course there was that slight sadness of seeing her grow up, especially how easily she did it and without much need for pre-sleep cuddling! But when she wanted back in mine, I was disappointed. So that's clear!

her bed, surrounded by pillows, and Panda

3rd night, I used pony as the break-through.
Of course ponies don't sleep in beds! They sleep in stables. And standing up, she informed me. Silly us! So we made him a little stable out of a box, placed him well away from her bed, and she chose her first soft toy to sleep with (Mimi) and that was that.

Six nights now in her own bed - same room. I'm surprised at how quickly she drops off too. She always does but alone I thought she might need more time. I'm even more glad now that we never made going to bed a battle.

Her restlessness still disturbs my sleep (less so as I become accustomed to her being away from me) but now I can move without disturbing her and NO BEING KICKED! hoo-friggin-ray for that I can tell you.

I'm super happy I went with her needs and that she decided when she was ready. I miss her little bod next to mine, co-sleeping has been the best. But it was time.

Monday, August 6

weekend colour

A local Caribbean Carnival.
Much noise, much colour, some rain.

weekending with Amanda