Monday, July 16

lick, slide, pat, and ride

A new indoor play area - inexpensive, clean, fun. There was sliding and laughing and temporary friendships.
Then licks of tasty and healthy home-made ice-cream in a preloved find.
(just 2 parts puréed fruit + 1 part pouring cream)
An expected four-legged friend at the market.
Hammocks, oh hammocks.
And a miniature train ride (with mum and dad!).

weekending with Amanda

Monday, July 2

first bike

She has ridden a tricycle before, passed on to us by a friend back in Montenegro. This time it was her turn for a real bike, with training wheels. We visited the outdoors shop and had her try one on for size, as well as pick out a bell and helmet (with bees on).

I'm chuffed she ended up with a mauve bike with a few flowers rather than the first one she tried - pink with glitter and shiny tassels.

Then we just left and told her that we'll see if her deda (grandpa) might get it for her. The next day, Husband picked it up, and grandparents presented it to her as her late birthday present. She was thrilled. Understood the way to brake first go. It's a bit bumpy in the backyard here, I'll take her to the local park soon.

These little childhood events can be a little emotional, right? That they grow up can't be ignored when you see them take on the next big thing. Next I guess is riding without the training wheels.