Friday, April 29

joy pockets

a rest during a seaside walk

It's been a while, so a longish one.

the silence & solitude of dawn
secret paths
adding brown rice and pistachios to her diet
the smell of a storm-tossed sea
watching Black Swan
a kiddie birthday party on the beach
autism awareness month
chocolate... on that day
her laughter as she flies down a slide
her glow as she goes on the 'big' slide by herself
I is for Inches
letting go of worry over one woman's hangups
tasting her first birthday cake... a week before her own
little trips around the bay
fresh hot-cross buns
feeling lighter
the smell of the sea in her hair
spreadable butter
natural shampoo bars
how she smiled when 'happy birthday' was sung to her
collecting hidden eggs
squeezing orange juice together

share with me your joy pockets this week

Raising a Sensitive Child

Thursday, April 28

a, b, c

Ah, so I think I'm ready to get back unto the blogging merry-go-round. It's been a wonderful break. Although there's been some lack of motivation along with that. I finally came up with a solution.

I need my non-mama space, somewhere eclectic not just for my art. Also, in focusing on heavier discussions and specifics, I tend to miss recording the smaller moments. I'm capturing some of them through joy pockets, but not enough detail.

I now want to hand over Holistic Mama to 100% parenting and home. My astrology, spiritual journey, food, art, creativity, photography, general musings, frivolous ponderings, design, film....... all over at my new place (if I've visited you recently I left you a trail *wink*).

As I made dinner and she sat playing with her magnetic letters, she recited the alphabet, the sing-song version (where in British English it ends with zed and not zee so doesn't rhyme as well)... about 70% correctly. I've never taught it to her. She's picked it up from various places.

I don't even want to teach her the alphabet. Firstly, she's only 3 and doesn't require it for a long time. Secondly, it's not my preferred method for teaching reading (sounds being superior to letter names).

But this is organic learning... doing it because she just picked it up.


I'll do joy pockets tomorrow, and a monthly review next week. Do Join me.

Sunday, April 17


You are

last Sunday at your friend's birthday beach party

You love to
be tickled
make us laugh
roar and pretend you're 'mama dinosaur' 
administer 'medicine'
cuddle mama
give running commentaries
wash up
have milk at bedtime
bake with mama
play with tata's tools
say, 'I love my mummy' while holding my face

You dislike
bouncy castles
strong smells
being forced to do anything
intense attention on you
not knowing where mama is
anyone in the loo with you during #2
having your hair brushed

Mama, you forgot the flash on my big day!
But I caught the happiness anyways.

Your favourite things
'brekkets' (cheerios)
wholemeal toast
playing with other children
Ice Age
Finding Nemo
your panda soft-toy
the colour white
Owl Babies
Slinky Malinki
toy eggs

You're great at
learning quickly
greeting people
putting your shoes on
tidying up
making friends

The weather has been unsettled all week, but we managed an overcast day with just a short spotting of rain after lunch. All your friends turned up but one, who had chickenpox. A tasty BBQ and a death-by-chocolate birthday cake that left the adults speechless with bliss. Lots of running around outside, then the late afternoon with a few of your girlfriends playing made-up games indoors. One by one, as everyone left, you said sweetly - thankyou for coming. As mama and tata exhaled contentedly....... you stayed up late, quietly playing with your toy tool-kit pressie.

Most of all, mummy hoped that you would be happy and enjoy your day - you were and you did. Everyone had a wonderful time.

You are my joy.
Happy Day of Birth my darling girl.