Sunday, November 29

hiya from uk

A very quick quickie. Just wanted to check in with you all. I'm missing my blogging and have at least 15 posts in draft in my head! :)

Very glad we came for a few big reasons, but also it's been a nightmare. The Wildflower wants her secure home stuffs, was ill (2nd time ever), is teething, and is over-stimulated.

But ah well..... there's cheddar cheese on toast....

See you all soonish. Hoping to read that you're all up to much creative doings and ponderings.

Friday, November 20

Crochet: pink beret

I've worked this pattern before, for my niece. This time it was for the Wildflower. England is nippy this time of year, so hopefully the 100% wool will warm her sweet head.



p.s, you can Subscribe solely to my crochet posts if you prefer. And here are all my projects so far.

This is a scheduled post - I'm not here. I'm visiting in UK, but I'll read your lovely comments if I get a chance or on my return.

Tuesday, November 17

Mama Records #4

So you're a year and a half! This will be a big post for you my heart.

Maths & Science chuckle

You count to three and love doing so. Any time something to count appears there you are. For some reason you enjoy counting mama's teeth and request my grin to count.

On the 26th October you said yellow ball, about your yellow ball, and later brought us a yellow disc. We're not 100% sure if you understand yellow as a colour. I could have sworn green would have been first, as you perked up when I said that frogs were green.

You understand and say; empty, round, circle, going round, big, small, line, spots, on, in, off, more, up, down, upside down, square.

Your puzzle skills are a little below your age range. Not sure if it's a motor skills issue or your impatience. But you enjoy them anyway. Your cellphone skills are unmatched though....


You have no problem communicating all the basics and more. get ball, bus on, finished, itch-bitten (mosquito bite), fell down, more banya (banana), watch Maisy, frog jumping, read book, different games, tired....bed, - this must make so much difference to your easily frustrated nature.

Although you said 3-word sentences last month, you don't seem so interested in building on that, but your vocabulary grows daily, and once in a while you'll throw in a 4-word sentence just for laughs it seems. man kick the ball, Ralph the cat eating


You added zebra to your animal vocab repertoire.
These are the ones you can name:
dog, seagull, cat, puppy, rabbit, duck, goose, fox, eagle, bumble bee, peacock, caterpillar, butterfly, bird, cow, pig, sheep, goat, penguin, whale, beetle, spider, flamingo, cricket, bear, elephant, tiger, wolf, zebra, owl, ladybug, mouse, dolphin, fish, frog, crab, horse, monkey, hippo, lion, turtle, polar bear, panda, snake, seal, chicks, bat, crocodile, grasshopper, kangaroo, dragonfly, hamster, badger, otter...

You enjoy pointing to your body parts, especially your arm. You know; head, hair, ears, eyes, nose, mouth, tongue, teeth, face, arm, hands, fingers, boob, belly, belly-button, bottom, knee, leg, foot, toes, elbow. You point to them on yourself and on others. You've known most of these for months now. And tail, for animals.

Nature words you say: moon, stars, wind, clouds, sun, water, fire, leaf, flower, plants, tree, rainbow, stones, mountain, puddle, cave, lilypad, dirt, web, stick, rain, snow, haystack, grain, acorn,

We've roughly worked out that you have a conservative minimum of 190 intelligible words (about 2.5 yrs level).


You have a bottom fixation at the moment. You enjoy slapping your own and announcing it's your bottom when your diaper is changed.
And when mama was bending over to retrieve a toy from under the sofa, you were 'round the back, hugged my butt and said mamas bottom, nice bottom. I doubt that the kiss and hug would have got there so quickly if you had said big bottom instead.

Around 25th Oct your first incisor pushed through. Although we've heard these can be tough, it doesn't seem to be bothering you anywhere as badly as your molars. Subsequently, we're having a lovely month.

Hurt and ouches have required kisses these last couple of months. Often requiring kisses on all limbs, just to make sure apparently. And it didn't take long for you to discover the word 'another'. So anana knee needs kissing too. ;)

It's taken a loooong time for you to finally slow down before fetching things from under tables, so as not to bump your head. But you've grown tall enough to bump the dining table now!

On a nice sunny Sunday, after a week of rain, we went out for a walk. The trampolines near the seaside hadn't been taken down from the summer and as there were boys who had snuck in, your tata snuck in and took you in. You LOVE to bounce and after your usual cautious start, you loved it. We can't wait to get you a trampoline. Jumping on the bed is one of your favourite games.

Although you will bop when you hear music, you don't seem particurlaly bothered either with dancing or music.

You really dislike being restricted and kick off bed clothes and often ask off about your own clothes, you nudist! You do become warm easily though. It can be a struggle getting you dressed.

You have the craziest hair ever. None can tame it.

Eating solids is still an issue. Once your molars came through you have been the most interested. But it's very slow going, especially with your caution of anything new. You are willing to try new things, which is great, but often dislike them!
Mama has made a routine of giving you your own spoon, watching Maisy, and pointing out the teddy on the jar of food. *roll eyes* It's helped though and you actually look forward to it. Mostly fruit right now, and you like ham. Love bananas and grapes (which require peeling and deseeding *more eye rolling*). Best of all, you will ask for these things now.

You're still getting car-sick, although it isn't too bad. Possibly even better than it used to be, not sure. Mama sits in the back with you still, and has a cloth ready.


You're bored silly with simple games. Like when you finally stacked some blocks, the look on your face seemed to say - 'now what?' Silks, coloured blocks, etc, just don't do it for you. You're detailed orientated and like small buttons to push or bits to pull. You're also very physical.

Physically, you're happiest either kicking or throwing a ball, playing tumble and bounce, tickle games, or running and spinning. At the moment, there's way too much throwing, ahem.
Mentally, you're happiest reading, handling books, using a cell phone, gameboy, digital camera, abacus, anything with small parts and details.

Although large circles are standard fair, this is what you lose yourself in... and on the 28th you learnt wiggly lines.

You understand to draw on request - line, small circle, big circle, spots, wiggly line.

Although we've suspected for a very long time, and then known for quite a few months, we've formally announced it to one another - you're left-handed.


Your Virgo moon is very obvious in how you need a little time to warm up to new situations. You're not shy, just cautious. I must admit to liking your look-before-you-leap approach. Once you've decided all is well, you can be chatty. Although you're often quiet as you enjoy observing others.
You're comfortable saying hello and goodbye to visitors, and to shop assistants. Once you said thankyou as we left a shop, much to mine and the assistant's surprise.

You don't understand the concept of not sharing. It might be your nature, or partly because we have never grabbed things from you, or that we have made a thing about giving and taking to each other, and always say thankyou to you. It's caused you some confusion as the other children you happen know are attached to their toys. You're happy to give things up, but if you really want something, you will defend your right to have it.


You're a happy child, and love to laugh. You're easily frustrated and impatient though, so this causes frequent upsets. You alternate between loudness and a lot of quiet moments just flicking through books or examining a new object.

You're still my velcro baby and need constant physical reassurance.

You're vey sure of what you like and dislike, ever since you were a newborn. There's no convincing you otherwise.

You've come up with a coping strategy. Whenever you do something that you know we don't like (throwing a hard object across the room and hitting are really the only things), or when there's too much stimulation, you shut your eyes.
I don't think that you're highly sensitive, but you are so very observant and highly spirited that it can become too much. I feel that our quiet days together are good for you.

You seem to feel safe crying and tantruming (once a fortnight), and mama is so very happy about this. You seem to understand that there's nothing wrong with either, then you get them out of your system, and finish with a cuddle.


On Nov 13th, we held a tiny dedication ritual. You are now a child of Nature. Mama found a heart-shaped leaf and cut the first lock of your hair.

Just before you turned 19 months old, we flew off to England to visit baba and deda that you saw last in July. And lots of other relatives and friends will be showering you with love.

This is a scheduled post - I'm not here. I'm visiting in UK, but I'll read your lovely comments if I get a chance or on my return.

Saturday, November 14

F.A.B Share

I really love hearing what others are reading or watching. I also like to see what your kids are reading too. Although I joined in on one book sharing meme a while back, it's unconnected to everyone else.
It's a weekend meme.

So, what are you and your family currently reading, watching, and/or listening to?


I'm still on The Red Tent (for our join-in-at-any-time online book club). I'm sorry to have to leave it behind, but I need the space for the new books I'm bringing back. Still enjoying it.

My 19 month-old girl:

We received these books a couple of months ago. While she's always liked them, she's suddenly enthralled in them. The ink and water colour illustrations are very charming, and easy on young eyes too.


A goose with favourite red boots.

Gossie and Gertie
Gossie has bright red boots. Gertie has bright blue boots. They are best friends.

Ollie is an egg. Ollie wont come out.

Ollie the Stomper

Ollie wants boots too!

She enjoys these so much two of these are the books we're taking for the trip.

There's also Gossie and Friends Board Book Set, which seems good value.


I've watched as much Eastwick, as my bandwidth could take. Okay, and as much as is available right now anyway. Lurve it much.

And we're one episode away from completing Season 4 of Lost. Not even a great show. But a friend bought the whole season and we don't watch any other TV. It's so bizarre from the beginning that they could include any twist and it would be acceptable. And if you're a fan, did you know they've got a Lostpedia?!

Add your link in the Comments if you've done your own.


We're leaving Sunday afternoon, for 3 weeks. I'll try to get online to touch base and get my blogging fix in. I have a few scheduled posts too. Just to keep this baby ticking over as it were.

Friday, November 13

Crochet: toddler's lilac winter cardigan

My first piecing together work! Man, it's not easy. The crocheting was a piece of cake, but there were no instructions on exactly how to go about the sewing it all together.

So it's clumsy, and I accidentally sewed on one sleeve with the seam facing out. *roll eyes*

Following the easy free pattern meant the sleeves were too wide for my slim little Wildflower (although it's a wide style, it was still too much). And getting the sleeves to be just the right size for the openings wasn't the easiest thing either. One came out too bunched up after I sewed it on.

It seems easy, crochet some pieces and then sew them together. Perhaps not so bad for flat squared pieces, but when you start adding rounded pieces and dimensions..... eeek.

Pattern sample >

Unfortunately, I don't really know how I would improve on it. I still don't know how to best put it together. There were these angles on the fronts and back and I've no idea how they were meant to work with the sleeves at all.

picot edging on top part

The part that wasn't of my doing was the yarn. Lovely colourway but has little drape, and I can see from the pattern picture the yarn they use has a nice soft drape.

But it was fun, and I learnt a lot about appreciating the details, even like weaving in endless ends. Yes, truly. And it's wearable.

Look not helped by a reluctant model...

Working on a matching beret......

p.s, you can Subscribe solely to my crochet posts if you prefer. And here are all my projects so far.

Thursday, November 12

Thankful Anyway Thursday

It's easy to be thankful for the good stuff, can you be thankful for the not so good?
(as serious or light-hearted as you like)
read more here

We're off to England to visit family this coming Sunday.

Sounds like a great thing right? It's all about perspective.

Regulars around here know about our lack-of-sleep woes. My girl sleeps so badly, and is tired, and I'm so exhausted, that our days function best when we work with that.

It means being home when she's near her nap time. It means being home in a peaceful environment. It means home comforts to establish gentle routines and rituals, and experience the least amount of disruption.

And now we're headed to a new country, a new house, new people, new routines, and a new bed. I could cry just writing that list!

And... she gets car sick and we'll need to do two 2.5hr car journeys. And I struggle to sleep in new beds. And Autumn highlights my hermitness. And we're going to a celebration thingy that will involve 40+ people. And with the new child, everyone wants a piece of us so lots of visits or being visited. And what's been keeping me sane is blogging and that won't happen.

How could I possibly be more exhausted than I already am? Looks like I'm about to find out.

omg.... I'm hyperventilating.... breathe, breathe....

One of the perks was goin to be shopping - books and toys for the Wildflower that we just can't get here. But our finances are shakey and that's not going to happen much.

I don't not want to go exactly, but............... SIIIIIIIIGH.

Mary Cassatt, 1897, Breakfast in Bed

I am thankful for this shake-up anyway because
... it rattles my hermitness, which on occassion has got to be a balance thing right?
... it gives us a chance to evaluate new routines.
... it gives us the chance to see how well she travels on big journeys.
... it will force me to be creative about how we find fun.
... it will likely make us more thankful of this new home here, and our own relationships.

It's all about perspective.

If you've done your own Thankful Anyway, go ahead and add your link - directly to the post - to the linky below (not visible in feed reader). Grab the button up the top (right click & Save As) and a link back is always nice.

Wednesday, November 11

The Great Mind Decluttering Experiment.... phase 2

Following on from phase 1.... Here's how I decluttered three specific interests - blogsurfing, parenting, and reading.

Blogsurfing was decluttered by firstly unFollowing all the blogs I didn't connect with, had initially supported as a small blog, no longer resonated with, etc, etc. And secondly by merging blogsurfing with blog commenting. That is, I read mostly the blogs I'll likely comment on. I want to connect with people first, information second.

Parenting blogs (not personal mama ones) I eliminated. Weird huh? See, I read several blogs/sites concerning parenting issues and my mind was holding onto the desire to blog about tons of various parenting issues. When I created Holistic Mama, it was on a paid domain and it was a website rather than a blog. Finally I wanted something more intimate and more journal-like, so I came to Blogger.

But somewhere in my mind I was still holding onto the ideal of writing about all the top parenting issues. It's just too much. Fortunately, I had already let go the ideal of blogging about eco issues and organic this and that, and, and.....

And you know what? It's no longer who I am. Others do an amazing job of covering the big issues. Fact is, I gain the most pleasure from blogging about what is on the forefront of my mind at the time. And almost always, this means issues that are relevant to me right now. I've discovered that this authenticity connects me most with other mothers. Readers resonate with that. If one day I want to blog about vaccinations, great, if another day I want to blog about a cake recipe, great too. If I want to include tons of information, great. If I just want to share a snippet or thought, great too.

It's okay, I tell myself, I don't have to write about every issue.

More similar mind clutter....... I counted 87 posts in draft form. Yikes. 115 feed reader subscriptions. Several months back I had over 250 subs.

and now..... down to 77 subs, and.... still sifting those drafts.

It's liberating to allow yourself to not have to follow every bit of information...... ;)


This is a small portion of my bookcase, and my Pile Nearby...

Now you might think, well, that's where you put books, in bookcases. Thing is, as we're living in an apartment while we wait to build our new house, a lot of our stuff is still boxed up, including most of my books. What these books, the ones on the shelves, represent, is subjects I want to read in the near future.

These want-to-read-soon subjects include - philosophy, numerology, several parenting topics, psyche, astrology, children and nature, literacy, Taosim, as well as some fiction titles I Want to Get To.

Until last week, I hadn't realised what a mental burden they were, sitting there, in my face as it were.


I've removed the books I'll likely not read, especially non-fiction. And my pile nearby, contains just two books. What a glorious declutter that was for me.

I went outside, soaked in some sun and said to myself - you don't have to read everything Mon, you don't have to know everything. I shed a couple of tears for myself - what a relief.

I know those who don't have a FOMO ('fraid of missing out) complex or aren't Profoundly Interested, won't 'get' this. But for people like me, it's a difficult road to navigate. You crave knowledge, you revel in 'new info', you adore Life..... but it's only one lifetime as this Me. Fact.

Saturn in my creative House has been saying to me - you want/need to be creative... make the difficult choices that will allow that creativity to blossom, to shine, to breathe. Yes, there are limitations (pesonal time/space) but adding more interests ain't gonna make it easier woman!

And it's a daily vigilance too. A friend mentioned 9-star ki and an hour and several websites later.... argh... let it go! Interesting but not a soul need. I can chat about many things, I don't need to research everything for the sake of Peter.

And would you know it, less than a week later.... I came up with a real, solid, exciting, book idea.

I'm learning - decluttering and letting go of interests, is not a punishment, it's a gift. It's not a restriction! It's space.

Every time I thought, heck, wailed, - I have no time, no space... I was lying to myself.

Sunday, November 8

F.A.B Share

I really love hearing what others are reading or watching. I also like to see what your kids are reading too. Although I joined in on one book sharing meme a while back, it's unconnected to everyone else.
I was wary about starting yet another meme, but I really want to discover more books, especially for my girl.
Although I'll write it for the weekend, I'm not going to make it a specific day. That way you can add to it any day of the week, and I'll feature that post thoughout the week too. Make sense?

So, what are you and your children currently reading, watching, and/or listening to?


I recently started The Red Tent (for our join-in-at-any-time online book club) and am already hooked. It seems to have come at the perfect time.

My 18 month-old girl has recently received:

A Frog in a Bog, which she is slowly warming too, but I find the watercolour illustrations a little vague for a very young one. Good for 2+yrs.

.... and The Flea's Sneeze, which she loves, especially the whole ach-ooooo business. I really like the illustrations and the text is bouncy enough for a parent to read over and over again. The clear pics of the animals makes it fun for her to pick them out and name them. Good for 1-5 yrs.


I've been on a period drama kick recently, and am working my way through Daniel Deronda on youtube, and for fun, have also watched the first episode of Eastwick, but those particular uploads eat massively into my bandwidth, boohoo.

Friday, November 6

moon sign support (iv)

You might find the little introduction of help to see what I'm getting at. The whole series is over here.
Go to this site or this site to work out your moon sign.

Keywords - a quick idea of what makes up this moon placement.
Needs - what you need emotionally if you have that moon sign.
Provides - the type of emotional support you give to others.
Compatible - generally most emotionally compatible with these moon signs.

Capricorn moon
Key words: structure, loyal, organised, far-seeing, steadfast, responsible.
Needs: Stability. They are only at peace when sure of their loved ones' emotions. They need to rely upon people and their environment. They thrive on  predictability and with reserved shows of emotions. They do well when others trust them and give them responsibility.

Provides: A loyal friend. Good with practical advice. Not so great if you need to wail and sob, or need support for significant changes.

Compatible: Virgo, Taurus, Libra,
Apologies to those with this moon sign for the brevity - I don't think I've ever known someone with this placement.

Aquarius moon
Key words: humanity, unconventional, detachment, integrity, idealistic, rational.
Needs: To feel useful on a large scale. They are at their best when helping humanity, groups, the masses,  joining causes or volunteering. Or when helping individuals realise their connection to Self/world/universe/god/energy. Emotionally independent, they rarely ask for help, and need others to not push them to confide or release emotionally. But when they do ask, they need others to view their woes in the bigger picture. Emotional health comes from finding trusted friends/partner.

Provides: Acceptance & inspiration. There is little that will shock or rock them. Reveal all if you trust them. The Aquarian moon friend is the free counsellor. Great when you're ready to see your troubles in a spiritual light or be inspired to try something new or radical. Not so good for tender intimacy on an individual basis, that doesn't explore possibilities. Or if you're in the throes of self-pity.

Compatible: Saggitarius, Scorpio, Pisces, Libra

Pisces moon
Key words:sacrifice, creativity, intuition, dreamer, sensitive
Needs: Tenderness, to be of help. They need loved ones to understand that their moments of introspection and depression are part of their emotional makeup. Emotional health comes from making clear distinctions between their own problems and the problems of the world. Time in gentle nature is beneficial, also music or meditation.

Provides: Empathy. They will feel your pain whether or not they have ever undergone the same experience. The friend with this sign will be at your side through depression and heartache. Not so good for practical advice or pulling you towards optimism.

Compatible: Pisces, Cancer, Scorpio, Taurus, Libra, Aquarius.

Wednesday, November 4

October in Review

Your reader's may have missed out on some content this month, you have new or occassional readers, or you didn't post much. Consider a Month in Review post. I know I can't keep up with all the wonderful blogs out there. Just copy & paste the headings below and add your responses.
Here's a tip, set a post up in draft form and add to it throughout the month before you forget by the end of the month!

A thought...
I give up precious sleep for the chance of mental space.

A sound...
MIAROOOOOWWW.... that's Ralph.... our adopted cat. With the loudest voice of any cat. A stray, jumpy, fighting other cats and people for a right to survive.
Now, he wants cuddles more than food.

A taste...
Den's wonderful Jamaican(?) pumpkin soup.

An image...

A scent...
Burning the incense of descent.

A word...
Income. Not getting enough, getting less and less, worrying about.....

A touch...
Root canal... need I say more?

A gift for me...
Letting go of what I think I want or need.

A post you may have missed...
Over here,Simple organising for home learning.
And elsewhere, Nettlejuice takies in a foster baby.

Did you do a review? Add yourself below. (direct link to post)

Monday, November 2

shouting out

I'm still catching up with the new blog design, updating links and so forth. I have a new menu area for posts that I wanted to collect together. So you can now check all my personal and reader favourites. Parenting, child astrology (I will return to complete these I promise), crochet, and you can see where I'll be going with my Shadow series.
We're on our first discussion for book club mamas, if you haven't heard about this.

And now for other blogs.

New places and lovely people I've met relatively recently:
Global Mama
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Debs has returned to blogger at muddy bare feet
Carla at Ripened Mama
I know I'm forgetting someone....

And from the sidebars -

My current haunts:

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Bloggy requests

I know that a couple of bloggers I visit have had problems with spam in the past. generally, most bloggers don't, nor does it happen often. I've been blogging for 5+ years and only once had a problem (which resulted in 200+ comments to delete!).

Anyway, on my bloghopping days, after typing in the word verification (supposedly to stop spam comments) for the 15th time, I tend to be irked. Now, if you insist on having it fine, pro-choice me. However, I know that many blogegrs don't even realise they have it, because we we don't see it on our own blogs. So if you're happy to do without it, please consider checking your settings and getting rid of it.
Go to Dashboard
click Settings
click Comments
Scroll down to > Show word verification for comments?
click No
click Save Settings.

Second thing... allowing everyone to comment. Along with that, comment moderation.
Again, if this is an issue for you, fine. But do we need to be so paranoid in a public domain? I'm quite happy to have Anonymous comments - the more points of views and stories the better I feel. We have the ability to delete something inappropriate anyway. So if it isn't an issue, consider being more welcoming.
Also, or at least, allowing name/url, as many visitors are coming from other blogging formats. A wordpress user friend mentioned that as she wasn't a Blogger blogger, she often had no way of leaving a comment, let alone tracing back to the right blog.

I do have comment moderation, but for posts older than 10 days, so that I don't miss anyone's comment. It's really comment notification for me.

Well, it's a full moon in Taurus, are you surprised at such a pragmatic post?