Saturday, August 30

Soft toys for animal protection

I love the idea of not just a toy, but a book that educates the reader about the animal and its habitat.
Stephanimals are original Canadian made, hand-crafted stuffed animals, blankets and children’s clothing. Every item is unique like nature. Included with each purchase is a soft, colourful, hand-made story book. It is designed to educate children, and adults alike, about that particular animal, it’s habitat, and ways in which we can help protect their environment, as well as our own. From every item sold, $2 CAD will be donated to a local non-profit animal or environmental organization.

Thursday, August 28


Alfalfa. Growing everywhere on the back field. Used to make hay for livestock. Has some medicinal uses.

The locals have helped themselves to it, to feed their cows and goats. This area will eventually be our main kitchen garden, but I will retain a little alfalfa.