Saturday, March 15

Homemade baby wipes

I was stocking up on new baby essentials and couldn’t believe a) the cost of baby wipes, b) the ingredients of baby wipes, and c) the anti-eco-friendliness of baby wipes.

Firstly, I’ve taken care of enough babies (as a nanny) to know that many times you can easily clean with water and paper towel or cloth towel and nothing more. Sometimes even just running a bottom under water (never a tap in case water temperature suddenly changes). However, for very messy bums or just for those that want that baby wipe method, we can make our own.


Like for like, there is an average of 3/4 savings over a year.
Better for the environment.
Better for baby’s skin.

Paper towel Method:

- Roll of paper towels, good strong quality (if recycled even better!)
- Water (about 2/3 cup)
- Olive oil 1 tbsp
- Baby wash 1 tbsp (anti-bacterial, or tea tree oil)
- Essential oil few drops (optional) - calendula, tea tree, etc

Cut the roll in half. Save half for next batch.
Take out the cardboard centres.
Place in suitable container.
Pour over mixture.
Allow to soak through.

Note: you either need an anti-bacterial wash or, as I prefer, add a few drops of tea tree essential oil, or the towels could get musty or even mouldy.
Any container will do, but if you can find a cylindrical one, where the towels would be standing up as it were, you can then easily pull individual towels from the centre of the roll.