Monday, March 2

Middle Ages II

So continuing her Middle Ages study, including lots of Knights and Castles stuff....

A few more books to support:

And the Marguerite book inspired her own little project, making a teeny book, with a couple of pages, and fancy design borders around the images.

Saturday, February 28

February Reads

Thea Stilton 4 Catching the Giant Wave

Thea Stilton and the Star Castaways

I think I forgot to mention last month that she joined our local library's Book Track scheme. It's for children aged 6+ to read 100 books. Hardly a challenge for Miss6 but a fun scheme. They borrow books, and on returning them chat about them to a librarian. Only the ones they chat about get added to their list.

So not just a scheme about reading, but also about learning to discuss books with others (although we do that at home anyway this is a chance with another person). She only ever seems to choose 1 or 2 from the 5-7 she has borrowed, so it will take longer than I thought to complete!


The School Trip (Hello Kitty and Friends, Book 2), Linda Chapman
The Beach Holiday (Hello Kitty and Friends, Book 6), Linda Chapman
Matilda's Cat, Emily Gravett
Camille and the Sunflowers, Laurence Anholt

Monster Things to Make and Do, Rebecca Gilpin
Rainbow Magic: Madeleine the Cookie Fairy, Daisy Meadows
Prince Charmless, Jeanne Willis
Where My Wellies Take Me, Michael Morpurgo (shame the font made it almost impossible to read some sections)

Dr Xargle's Book Of Earth Tiggers, Jeanne Willis
Dr Xargle's Book Of Earth Hounds, Jeanne Willis
Have You Seen Who's Just Moved In Next Door to Us?, Colin McNaughton

She's also started to re-read the Beast Quest series, and read around 10 this week. Also she's read a pile of Middle Ages books which I'll list separately.

Tuesday, February 24

Musical Instruments - handmade

Monday Club was good and noisy as the theme was making our own musical instruments.

Miss6 made a kazoo from popsicle sticks, a whistle from a straw, a rattle from popcorn and a bottle and another from mung beans and a balloon. Finally a whistle from a carrot!

She also tried out a 'guitar' from rope and a bucket that a parent held for them all. The organiser also brought along an electric tuner so that they could see the change of notes with each instrument. And they experimented with different lengths of straw or rope to hear how notes change and maybe why.

She had woken during the night and not had her full sleep, so she was tired and asked to head home early. The level of noise was also a little much. Overall though she had fun.

A peaceful home day today, with lots of books, and perhaps a little Joan of Arc learning...

Monday, February 23


Well it was a little too much last week and I'm looking forward to a better balanced one this week. Miss6 was needing cuddles just that bit extra by Friday night, and by Saturday afternoon she mostly wanted only to sit and read.

Saturday morning we had gone to our local library. A young person from the town (age around 14) comes to hold the group which I thought was great. He read to them some of Hansel and Gretel, they then attempted to build Lego gingerbread houses. Most children took turns reading out loud a little. Her best friend came along so the two mamas chatted and (obsessively) tried a large jigsaw puzzle while they were busy. Miss6 helped a little, but the library closed before we could finish

you can see how bright the sun was that day

Sunday was lovely and quiet - film, hot chocolate, books, cuddles, mama managing to get the first bit of work done all week. She asked to know more about Joan of Arc, but I put it off over the weekend so she could just relax.

After an unhurried start to our day, we'll be off to Monday Club.

Friday, February 20

The Week

Well I'm exhausted! And not a photo to show for any of it.

Monday - a visit to the home of some new Home Ed friends. Three sweet sisters all the way over from Australia. There was trampolining, crazy running around, playing Cluedo, hot chocolate and crumpets (Miss6 even had a try - fail, but still a try!), and dress-up.

Tuesday - a visit from her dad, big talks between the parents and soft-play gym for her.

Wednesday - the three of us visited the aquarium. It was half-term in the UK so it was very busy. It wasn't manic or overly-crowded though and we did have extra shows on because of the school holidays.
Miss6 was even picked out from the audience for one show, she had to shout as loud as possible to a diver in a large tank. She beamed with pleasure. That night, she went to bed very satisfied.

a busy board to reflect the week

Thursday - a visit to her best friend's house for general play. It happened to be Chinese New Year so I took print-outs to make lanterns. However, the girls hadn't seen each other - due to illnesses - and so play was all that was wanted.

Friday - today, was going to be quiet at home, and I know that she was more than ready for it. This morning, despite sleeping her full 9.5 hrs, I could tell she was still a little tired, and then she asked if we could have a home day. But it was a friend's (from HE group) birthday get-together so we wanted to be there to help her celebrate.

Saturday - and tomorrow morning we have a Lego story day at the library!

This is very unusual for us. We normally have a better balance between social days and quiet days.

The rest of Saturday and Sunday will be 'cosy home days' as she calls them.

There's a pile of dishes and a load of washing needing attention, but right now I'm going to sit with a cup of tea.


She said...

chatting to her grandfather on phone
He: (asked about the weather)
Miss6: It's a bit chilly.
He: (probably something along the lines of, oh no)
Miss6: Well, it is Winter. The earth is tilting away from the sun so it's chilly.
(said in the most matter-of-fact-talking-about-the-weather tone)

"I love Britain."
"Do you?"
"Yes, there are some really fun things about it. Like the way words are spelt. They can make good jokes."