Monday, September 1

Queen Vic

Although we haven't done any specific study on Queen Victoria, Miss 6 has read plenty about her in the books we've borrowed. I hadn't realised the queen would capture her interest.

She has these two small kitten soft toys, one black and white and one brown. She created a game where one was Queen Victoria and the other Prince Albert! Hilarious. And she explained to me that the black was, "widow's black because she grieved for 40 years", and the white paws represented the white funeral the Queen ordered for herself.

She wanted to mess about with her markers one night and drew the Queen herself, white cap, and the long black part is a corset apparently.

We watched the first 2 parts of The 1900 House - a family is chosen to live as Victorians would have lived.

Grabbed two more library books for her, which she enjoyed.

Victorian Britain
History Snapshots: The Victorians

We listened about 12 year-old Martha's days as a maid.

Thoroughly enjoyed Timewatch: Young Victoria. I had to mute a few bits that weren't age appropriate but otherwise it was very good. After I asked for a break around halfway, I had a hovering 6 year-old that had me giving in and watching it to the end.

After that we got this;

and then off she dove into her dress-up box to play being the queen herself.

Friday, August 29


I've mentioned the Victorians a few times, little facts that popped into my mind during our days. Such as how strict the schooling was and such. For no reason other than they were pieces of interesting information I knew that related to what we were doing or talking about at the time.

The last time I mentioned them, she picked up on it more and asked to learn about these Victorians.


History is not something I had planned to start for a little while. Partly due to her age and partly that I thought Science would be next in line as she is so interested in that. But as all our learning stems from interest, then I can't let it go.


So last Thursday we started with a book that was part of a History of Britain collection I had snapped up and was keeping aside until later.

Of course, children relate to other children, so discovering what life was like for Victorian children is fascinating to her. Both the poor children working in mines or up chimneys, as well as the wealthier ones with governesses.

We read through parts of the book together and she has picked it up several times to read on her own.
Friday we listened to radio drama clips of Victorian children - the wealthy Emily and a trapper boy.

The most amusing outcome of this learning is that she, my wild unschoolish child, has asked for Victorian Lessons. Well, mostly as play, but she has done writing exercises. The pages of her workbooks that I normally skip! Too funny.

We enjoyed, The Worst Jobs In History: Victorians
(not specifically for children, so parental guidance)
This BBC site has lots of wonderful bite-sized information, including a section all about children of the era.

We've covered children in work and at school. Would be fun to take a look at play and toys next, perhaps create some paper dolls.

Saturday, August 23


Forgot to post this one earlier...

Couple of weeks back she has come up with some big questions and statements. They don't come from any external source as far as I know and as far as she remembers.

Paraphrasing these...
'I suddenly realised that I am me'.
'Why am I on the planet?'
'Why was I created instead of something else?'

This is a stage that comes more around the 7th year, but can start earlier. She is now 6 years almost 4 months. Although the last question is a little unusual.

Me: "Why do you think you're on the planet?"
Miss6: "I don't know, that's the big question."

Saturday, August 2


Still part of the broader Environment theme, we headed into Community this week. So after talking about what the words, community, neighbourhood, town, mean and are used, we looked at two main parts. Urban, suburban, rural, city living, and then at community helpers and helping.

Sesame street has a nice list of 'people in your neighbourhood' clips.

Reading through A Child's Introduction to the Environment, which has nicely covered weather and community, among other things.

She's worked through drawing, writing, singing, poetry, and discussion, using some of the pages from Me and My Community free printable.

Her page on, 'when I grow up I want to be...', is a shark tamer.

After the community work and chat, she had the idea to create her own (fantasy) community. She thought about a rural, cat, or a mermaid community, and is busy now with the mermaid one, ah.... it turns out she's creating a rural mermaid community.


On the ongoing topic of Japan, she asked about using chopsticks so we watched a couple of videos and practised together.

She's also been busy the past week with a Moshi magazine including creating her own moshi that apparently loves sitting on your head.

The national reading challenge held by libraries has started. If there is one child that doesn't need reading encouragement is Miss 6, but; it's fun to obtain the stickers as you progress, the library hold activity days (we went last week to one where she created mythical collage creatures), and at the end there is a big party and medal.

Wednesday, July 16

Mama's Day

Very late at night, cuddling in bed with Miss6...

"I'm going to make a Mama's Day for you."
"Oh?, Why?"
"I think you should have a day all for you to show my appreciation for everything you do for me."

gasp, what a child.

Next day, we both have forgotten.

This morning she remembered... and so I was sent to the bedroom with a book, as she created; an arrow to lead the way, two flag's stating Mama's Day that were stuck erect into the sofas.

Yes, of course I cried.

First a play picnic. Then we had a treasure hunt that included a trick route.

I also recorded part of a Mama Appreciation song she sang for me.

So who needs a national Mother's Day? July 15th from now on will be Mama's Day.

heart runneth over....